Why ezbob Platform?

A fast, easy way to transform your lending business.

Tried and proven since 2012, ezbob Platform is an industry leader and a trusted name. ezbob Platform’s Straight Through Processing platform will win over your customers allowing your organization to compete in this new era of automation.

Benefits to your company

  • Cost saving

    Say goodbye to labour-intensive manual processing. Our end to end digital lending solution is fast, accurate and efficient. We can save up to 80% off your processing costs.

  • Automated

    Our proprietary algorithms extract and analyse data from both private and public databases to make a risk decision in seconds. All with your customers permission.

  • Proven

    From digital onboarding to risk assessment and loan management, every part of our platform has been put to test by real-world customers.

Benefits to your customers

  • Simple to apply

    Applying takes under 10 minutes and requires zero paperwork.

  • Fast decisions

    Customers know almost instantly whether their application has been approved, so they have the agility to seize opportunities as they arise.

  • Same-day funding

    Approved applicants can receive funding instantly. In today’s fast-moving world, having funds in-hand could make the difference.

  • 24/7 access

    Customers can apply and manage their loans online whenever it suits them, 24/7. It’s all part of providing a friction-less customer experience with first-class service.

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