Lending made simple

An automated lending platform ready to do business

From digital lenders to top-tier high street banks, we’ve helped our partners transform their business bringing about a superb customer experience and operational efficiency of up to 80%.

Who we help and how

  • Proven algorithms that gather electronic data to allow for real time risk assessment
  • Automated KYC/AML/Sanction and fraud screening
  • Configurable manual/automated funding
  • Business Intelligence
  • Offering your subscribers innovative financial products
  • State of the art onboarding and delivery of funding through ezbob’s institutional partners
  • Financing subscribers in-store before they reach the cash register
  • Business Intelligence
  • SME & Consumer Point of Sale solution
  • Fast onboarding, no paperwork
  • Online or instore availability
  • Assign and monitor credit limits
  • Real time funding through ezbob’s institutional partners
  • Business Intelligence
  • Features

    A flexible, feature rich end-to-end platform

    on boarding
    Digital Onboarding
    Anti-Fraud & KYC/AML
    Fully Configurable
    Activation & Servicing
    Real Time Monitoring

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