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June 6, 2017 | Author: meineron

Are your emails driving customer engagement?

Customer engagement means building a relationship with customers. It leads to long term customer loyalty – and more business.
Engaged customers are more likely to be purchase again and recommend your product or service to their peers – resulting in more sales, driving higher revenue that in turn leads to business growth.
So how can you drive customer engagement? Your emails can be a powerful engagement tool.

1. Your welcome email

First impressions last. You need a welcome email that introduces how you can help the customer, and makes you sound reliable and professional – but with a conversational and friendly tone. Show the customer you appreciate their business and care about their needs.
• Pick an email template with a distinctive look. Stick to it – your customer needs to recognize your brand.

• Keep the color scheme and font simple – it has to be easy to read.

• Provide a call to action that takes customers to your site – or your real world shop, etc.

• Consider offering a promotion to get new customers to make an immediate purchase.

2. Your regular email

You need to email customers regularly to build up engagement – but not too regularly. Monthly is probably fine for most businesses – more frequent contact is only worthwhile if you have something new to say.
So – make sure your emails go out at the same time and day each month, and make sure there is something to interest the customer in each one, ideally a special offer. You need to give them a reason for opening your emails.
• Be regular – you want people to look forward to hearing from you.

• Have something to say. An offer, or failing that useful tips and information.

• Provide useful links to your own site and also relevant news items.

• Keep up appearances – your email is your brand. Be consistent.

3. Your newsletter email

People swap stories and keep each other informed about what’s happening. To maintain a friendly relationship with your customers, you may be able to do the same – but remember – your customers are more interested in what you can do for them than in you and your business. Social marketing is friendly, but building a brand or a community depends on engaging their interest. Only if you and your usually deal with people on a face to face basis might customers be interested in personal news, snippets about items such as charity achievements, etc.

Keep your audience in the know about new ideas, services and products you are offering. They probably don’t care about your holiday plans unless they mean your business will be closed.
• Provide information. You can promote an event or a product occasionally, but your newsletter should focus on engagement rather than sales.

• Use pictures. A newsletter shouldn’t just be text-based; it should have some images to add interest.

• Take your own pictures, or you can turn to a stock image site.

• Create calls to action that take users to your website or social sites.

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