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June 6, 2017 | Author: meineron

7 Ways To Save By Going Green

We all know we need to be greener. But we may believe that it will simply cost us money.

At ezbob we believe that you can actually save by going green. Not only does it save money, you help save the planet. Plus many large companies will now only do business with suppliers who can demonstrate that they are doing their bit to protect the environment. Here are our top ways to go green – and save.

1. Make your workplace more energy efficient. Turn off workstations at the end of the day and unplug printers, copiers and other appliances. Use energy efficient lightbulbs and take advantage of natural light wherever possible.

2. Do you need printers and copiers? Paper makes big demands on the environment, even if it is recycled. Electronic documents aid efficiency and cut print costs.

3. Switch to Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) paper, paper products, and packaging. PCW recycled paper uses 45% less energy and costs less.

4. Cut waste that is generated by your business. Sort and recycle – or find alternatives to eliminate the waste altogether – you could cut your waste bill.

5. Reduce business travel. If your staff spend hours on the road they burn up time as well as fuel. Phone and video conferencing can often be just as effective.

6. Stop wasting paper – and money – on old style marketing. Paper flyers may seem easy to arrange, but email marketing and social media campaigns can be more effective.

7. Think about home working. Office space is expensive, and in many cases you can save it by letting staff work from home one or two days a week. You may need to invest in IT to support them – but staff can be fresher and more productive without the daily commute.

8. Make your washroom greener. Look for water efficient taps and toilets. You could save with a metered connection.

9. Check your tools and production process. Replacing old and inefficient equipment could mean a major saving on energy and leave you more productive too.

Going green can save you money, but if you need to invest in new equipment, IT or packaging before you see the savings. Like any other investments you need to make the most of your business, the best way to fund it could be a short term business loan from ezbob.