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June 6, 2017 | Author: meineron

7 reasons to put your business in the Cloud

It used to be that you needed to own your IT. You needed hardware, including costly servers to store date, and a huge range of software. And you needed backups for everything, for when something inevitably went wrong.

It could be a major barrier to growing your business.  Here’s why the Cloud has changed all that.

1. Cost

More powerful PCs, more data storage – and ever more expensive software suites means ever more costs.

Accessing data in the Cloud (which is of course actually a series of secure datacentres) avoids all those costs. You can harness the power of an entire datacentre and a small laptop or tablet is all the hardware you need. Instead of major capital investment, a small monthly subscription brings you all the storage, software, backup and support you want.

2. Scalability

Cloud based systems make it easy to grow. New members of the work force can access documents and software with just an internet connection. This makes your business agile, giving you a major competitive edge.

3. Reliability

Your IT will fail sooner or later, usually requiring specialist help, and time to fix. Cloud services are backed by huge investment, with all the expertise on hand. The result is reliability that you – and your business – can depend on.

4. Security

You might think that having your business crucial data on your own server would be more secure than sharing space in the Cloud. You would be wrong. A voltage surge, a flood or a thief could all deprive you of the data you need to run your business. Your data is protected too – encryption and firewalls keep it safe from hackers.

5. The latest software

With the Cloud, you have access to the latest software, with no need to spend a fortune on licenses. Software updates are automatic – no waiting for a security patch or general software updates

6. True file sharing.

Cloud-based workflows and services such as Google Drive and DropBox can be updated and worked on simultaneously the world over, ensuring there’s never any risk of working with outdated information.

7. Work anywhere

Files in the Cloud mean you can work on them anywhere. Your office – or even a coffee shop or the living room sofa, freeing you and your staff up from the need to be tied to your premises when you could be out bringing in business.

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