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The leading end-to-end automated finance solutions provider. ezbob Platform is your catalyst for a new era of lending.

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We’re changing the game

Traditional bank processes are slow and inefficient – this is the core premise of the fintech revolution. Since 2011, ezbob has been pioneering automated platform lending.


We are pioneers in Straight Through Processing (STP) for SME lending. Our innovative end to end solution is well ahead of the curve and has already been proven to work for both SMEs and Consumer clients.


Digital onboarding takes minutes with no paperwork, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is secure, smart and cost efficient.


In August 2016 ezbob Platform  has signed its first white-label agreement with RBS, one of the UK’s largest banks.

In a nutshell

  • Who is this for?

    Whether you’re a bank looking to migrate your lending to the digital world, a mobile operator looking to increase your ARPU or a retailer looking for a SME point of sale solution we’ve got you covered.
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  • Why ezbob?

    We are the leading end-to-end digital lending solution having completed over 10,000 SME loan cycles using all our own capital. We’ve honed our products and processes to a market-leading standard.
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  • Our story

    With 55 talented employees in London and Tel-Aviv, we pioneered the fintech wave. Since 2011, we’ve been blending financial expertise and digital technology to develop our award-winning business lending platform.
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